• The Rise of Babylon

    by Mang Studios Dub Allstar

    A collection of New 70s style dub reggae
    Instrumentals with a raw authenticity featuring an assemblage of pulsating organs, distorted guitar scratches, hypnotic percussion, relentless drums and deep bass.

  • Music4 Potheads, Vol 4

    by Music4 Potheads

    a compilation of new roots reggae dub music rolled specifically for cannabis users!
    When listened to under headphones while high on pot, you will find yourself in a relaxed, almost meditative state of increased creativity, intuition, and irie meditation.

  • Fallen Essentials

    by Skylark Dub Landing

    New 70s Style Dub Reggae
    Fans of the legendary Black Ark studio will welcome this distinctly original ground-breaking essential collection of Skylark Dub Landing instrumentals with a raw authenticity.



Unreleased Nugs.

Toussaint the Liberator with Mang Dub at WERS

Vintage Photos

In 2003 in Boston, MA Toussaint the Liberator played with Mang Dub at WERS radio under a Do NOT Discuss War sign. The war dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom had just begun as an response by George W. Bush to the earlier unrelated attacks of 9/11.

Journalist with Mang Dub

2001 at the Milky Way

MangDub performs Rid the Earth and features Journalist singing Death Row Live at the Milky Way Lounge on Feb. 23, 2001

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